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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase inspections will help you identify existing issues as well as potential renovation and upgrade costs after the purchase...

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Pre-Listing Inspection

PC Home Inspections pre-listing inspection is that it allows you as the owner to make repairs before going through the selling process...

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Pre-Delivery Inspection

Pre-delivery inspection is a way for you as the owner to verify that everything has been completed by the constructor as specified and...

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Condo Inspection

Condo inspections in Calgary will start with an evaluation of the unit’s interior, including painting and other finishes, HVAC system...

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Thermal Imaging

The most obvious benefit of thermal imaging in Calgary is the ability to see heat losses from older, ill-fitting, or improperly-installed doors...

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Trust Us for Impeccable Calgary Inspections

Buying or selling a property in Calgary is a major undertaking and it pays to identify major problems before signing on the dotted line. PC Home Inspections is here to assist with pre-purchase, pre-listing, pre-delivery, and condo inspections.

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